Associate Teams

Changed on 08/04/2024


An Associate Team is a joint research project created between a research team in Inria France and another foreign team. Both teams define a scientific objective, as well as a research program that involves a bilateral exchange of knowledge. They seek to promote and develop scientific collaborations around the world.

The creation and strengh of the associate teams in Chile is part of the priorities in Inria Chile. The French-Chilean associate teams long-standing collaborations between the two countries, with 33 research teams having worked together since Inria's inception in Chile. They stand out for their dynamism, with the creation each year of new working groups led by researchers from both countries.

Current associate teams 2024

As of 2024, there are 9 associate teams between France and Chile, which are being carried out with the participation of partner universities in the latter country, such as the the Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Valparaíso, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez y the Universidad de O’Higgins.


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