Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio gives entrepreneurs the weapons to boost their Deeptech startup. In Chile, it supports the internationalization and soft landing of technology-based startups.

Startups: a priority for Inria in France

Inria Startup

The creation of companies by researchers or engineers is a way of innovation and development for the economy and society. Inria's ambition in France is to increase the number of new research-based companies. A technological startup is a long-term project in rapid cycles. Firstly, it is an effective means of creating and managing an innovative project with an ambition that goes beyond research and technology. It also makes it possible to put the results of the research to use in applications for which there is a potential market.

Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio signed a partnership with BpiFrance in July 2019. This partnership is part of a larger Deeptech plan, launched in January 2019 by Bpifrance to help Deeptech companies emerge and grow from research laboratories. Startup Studio is the materialization of this plan. Inria has also been awarded the French Tech Seed business partner seal.

Inria Startup Studio in Chile

  • Softlanding: for French and European technology-based startups that wan to enter in the Chilean and-or the Latin American market. 
  • Internationalization: for Chilean startups that want to expand their business opportunities and start activities in the European market.