Legal information

Changed on 23/06/2021

1. Legal information

(May 15, 2020)

Inria Chile, 2827 Apoquindo Avenue, 12th floor, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

Telephone: +56 2 25847277

Editorial director: Nayat Sánchez Pi, Head of Inria Chile.

Editor in chief: Sergio Cabezón, Head of communications at Inria Chile.

Webhosting: The Inria Chile information systems department.


2. Personal data protection (GDPR)

Inria Chile is committed to a data protection system concerning the personal data it processes. For more information, please consult our personal data protection information page.


3. Site content

Inria Chile does everything in its power to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information posted on the site. However, Inria Chile does not guarantee the accuracy, precision or exhaustiveness of information available via its website. Information presented on the site is not legally binding and is subject to change at any time.


4. Intellectual property rights

The content, texts, including press releases, videos, images and animations posted or available on the site are protected by intellectual property law. Therefore, website visitors agree not to copy, translate, reproduce, sell, publish, use or broadcast any of the site's content protected under intellectual property law without obtaining prior permission in writing from Inria. Unless indicated otherwise, all brands and logos posted on the site are the property of Inria. Using these brands and logos without obtaining prior permission in writing is prohibited.