Trophée Startup 2022: the contest organized by Inria Chile is highlighted in Diario Financiero and Emprendedores T13

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Changed on 06/06/2023
The "green" ventures Photio and Rudanac Biotech were highlighted in the Chilean media due to their impact in the field of sustainability and their process and potential internationalization in France.


In September, the winners of the Trophée Startup 2022 were announced, a competition organized by the Embassy of France in Chile, Business France, Inria Chile, and the French Institute of Chile, in collaboration with ANID, Corfo, StartUp Chile, and ProChile, with the sponsorship of Air France-KLM, BNP Paribas, Engie, and Total EREN.

Out of the five finalist companies, Photio and Rudanac Biotech emerged as the winners, and they were featured on Thursday, October 13th, Monday, October 17th, and Tuesday, October 18th, in the Entrepreneur section of, DF Lab of Diario Financiero, and DF Lab in its print edition, respectively.

Both media outlets highlighted the objectives of the competition: to position France and Chile as attractive and dynamic innovation ecosystems and to reinforce economic and scientific cooperation between the two countries. The competition aims to identify Chilean startups with high growth and internationalization potential and provides them with the opportunity to explore the French market and its innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

They also emphasized the value of the winning projects: Photio has developed a nanotechnological additive applicable to materials such as paints, asphalt, concrete, fabrics, and plastics. This additive, when exposed to light, promotes the degradation of more than ten greenhouse gases (GHG) present in the environment, such as carbon dioxide and methane. Rudanac Biotech has developed a sustainable biotechnological process using photovoltaic energy.