Changed on 04/04/2020

Development of a web interface that allows executing a mathematical model of dispersion of odor emissions from a processing plant.


Certain industrial activities can cause conflict in residential areas by releasing odorous compounds into the atmosphere that could affect neighboring communities. The impact of bad smells associated with these activities is related both to the type of emission and to the meteorological and topographic conditions of the area. Under these conditions, the use of mathematical models and visualization tools can be used as a support to prevent the impact of odors in the community.



It is in this context that Odor Tracking was developed, a web tool that allows viewing the dispersion of odors from the Sopraval plant located in La Calera, V Region. The interface allows the user to run a mathematical dispersion model and visualize the results on a map of the area. The platform projects the different levels of estimated odor units using a heat map. The user can run the model for actual plant conditions and obtain an estimated projection of the current state of emissions. Similarly, the user can configure virtual scenarios, simulating different emission focus configurations.