CEO of Inria Chile was re-elected with first majority on the board of the Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies

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Changed on 04/05/2023
In a new annual assembly of members, Nayat Sánchez-Pi was renewed for a new term as director of the country's main community of companies in the information technology and telecommunications industry.
Directorio ACTI


The Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies (ACTI) held its annual members' assembly, in which five new directors were elected to serve for a period of two years, joining the board composed of 11 people. Eight candidates with extensive industry experience and interesting work proposals were part of the election.

The director of Inria Chile, Nayat Sánchez-Pi, was elected for a second term on the board along with the sector director of Applied Technology at Inacap, Álvaro Castro; the executive director of I-Ed, Gilbert Leiva; the government relations and public policy manager of Google in Chile, Nicolás Schubert, and the general manager for the Southern Cone of Sonda, Marcelo Castiglione.

They join the previously appointed directors: the executive director of Navigo Group, Thierry de Saint Pierre; the director of Claro Empresas, Francisco Guzmán; the public policy manager of AWS Chile, Carmina Hernández; the general manager of Mycrosystem, Isabel Almarza; the public sector sales director of Microsoft in Chile, Paloma Ríos, and the partner and president of Wesley Clover Services South America, Raúl Ciudad.

"I am committed to the development of excellent, cutting-edge, responsible and sustainable digital sciences and technologies. In ACTI, I will contribute with this strategic, comprehensive and collaborative vision to consolidate and strengthen the links between industry, academia, and government; and also to contribute to the digital, innovative, and high-level development in Chile," said Nayat Sánchez-Pi.