Inria Academy and Kibernum offer the course "Scikit-Learn. Management of Machine Learning and Data Science Technologies"

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Changed on 02/08/2023
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Inria Chile researchers, Luis Martí, Taco de Wolff and Hernán Lira, will be the instructors of this course that will provide participants with basic concepts of machine learning and data science to process them in a better way and have higher quality models. In the framework of the collaboration agreement between Inria Chile and Kibernum, between March 28 and April 20, 2022, Inria Academy will offer the course "Scikit-Learn. Management of Machine Learning and Data Science Technologies", in which participants will learn how to manage data processing and model choice options with Scikit-Learn, the most important open source library in Python that supports supervised and unsupervised learning and also provides several tools for model fitting, data preprocessing, model selection and evaluation, and many other utilities. 

The course will consist of 40 hours and will have a methodology focused on participation and practical emphasis. The course will be led by 3 data science experts from Inria Chile: Luis Martí, Taco de Wolff and Hernán Lira, who will teach participants the basic concepts of machine learning and data science.

The specialists will address the techniques necessary to evaluate the performance of the algorithms and the models obtained. Thus, at the end of the activity, students will have the knowledge to manage options in data processing and choice of models with Scikit-Learn.

Previously, on January 4, Luis Martí gave the Master Class "Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn. Bringing Theory to Practice", which was attended by more than 90 people who were able to learn about machine learning with Scikit-Learn and find out about this course.

The course is part of Inria Academy, Inria's system of continuous training in digital technologies that seeks to empower society, providing access to technology, and to train advanced human capital, the engineers of the future capable of making decisions on deep tech issues, using and disseminating Inria's open source software and technologies. In Chile, fourteen training courses have already been held and more than 660 people have been trained.

Registration for this course is open and offers discounts for early registration.

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