Chile will host the Océan Hackathon once again

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Changed on 03/11/2022
For second year in a row, our country will host this event that meets scientists who solve a challenge related to ocean biodiversity and the functions of marine ecosystems in just 48 hours.

About the event

Santiago, May 20th, 2022- Between December 2nd and 4th, 2022, will be held the Océan Hackathon 2022 100% virtual. In its seventh version and the second held in Chile and South America, it seeks to bring together teams of specialists who manage, in just 48 hours, to develop a concrete and innovative solution to particular problems. The event is organized in France by the Campus Mondial de la Mer and, in our country, by the French Embassy, the French Institute and Inria Chile. This year, as in the previous version, the Data Observatory (DO) will participate, fulfilling the role of being the "Data Provider" of the activity.

This year the focus will be on ocean biodiversity and the functions of ecosystems and multidisciplinary teams with knowledge in communication, data analysis, systems engineering, UX design, environment, marine biology and oceanography, among many other areas, will seek to present this solution in 48 hours.

Last year, there were 7 challenges presented, related to climate change, pollution of the seas and other problems in the marine environment and the winning team was able to participate in the grand finale that took place in Oceanopolis, the National Center of Culture dedicated to the Ocean. In this version, the winning team or teams will be able to compete with the winners from other countries, since this challenge is also held in 15 other cities around the world.

Ocean biodiversity and ecosystem functions

Chile ranks tenth in the world with the largest maritime territory and the first in Latin America in terms of sea surface. From this starting point, the Océan Hackathon seeks to involve the Chilean innovation ecosystem and young people in the protection of the oceans, as well as to strengthen Franco-Chilean cooperation in digital sciences.

Marine biodiversity is vital for primary productivity and the sequestration of carbon that is released into the atmosphere produced directly or indirectly by humans. One of the main drivers of changes in ecosystem functions is biodiversity, usually measured as number of species and particularly in terrestrial and freshwater environments. Understanding these processes is essential to take action from the scientific and political point of view

Thus, the challenge proposed in the Ocean Hackathon seeks solutions that contain an exhaustive exploration of the relationship between the functioning of ecosystems and biodiversity and that can test various hypotheses related, for example, to selection, complementarity and sampling in the sea ​​World. In addition, they can also be aimed at helping to understand the relationships between the different levels of biodiversity, from genes to species, traits and functions, and the interactions with other driving variables of biodiversity such as temperature and the ecosystem.

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About the organizers

The Ocean Hackathon® is coordinated internationally by the Campus Mondial de la Mer, promoted by the Technopôle Brest-Iroise. The Chilean edition of the Ocean Hackathon® is an initiative of:

Inria Chile, a French institute for research in digital sciences and technologies, has been present in Chile since 2012. World-class technological research and innovation are part of the DNA of the center, which has the mission of carrying out and articulating high-impact research and development in digital technologies at the service of society.

Embassy of France in Chile through the Regional Cooperation Delegation whose role is to regionalize French cooperation projects in South America and the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service in charge of bilateral cooperation between France and Chile and the French Institute of Chile, its operator cultural.