The Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes Research Centre was established in 1992. Its growth has been part of the development of the Grenoble site with Grenoble Alpes University. It has a branch in Lyon, which is developing alongside the University of Lyon.

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The centre has 38 project teams, divided between Grenoble and Lyon. Its activities occupy over 650 people, scientists and research and innovation support staff.

P. Gros

Patrick Gros

Director of the Inria Grenoble-Rhône Alpes research centre

Positioning & Strategic issues

Scientific priority areas:

  • Data science;

  • Environmental modelling

  • Technical, environmental and ethical reliability of software;

  • Quantum computing 

Strategic lines of development:

  • Active participation by the centre in the integrated university project conducted by the establishments on the site;
  • Move from the Montbonnot site to the Saint Martin d’Hères university campus;
  • Will support the development of the plans for an Inria centre on the Lyon site.

Inria's strategic objectives for the Lyon site, mainly under the auspices of the Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes research centre, are:

  • Creation of the Inria centre of the Target University (University of Lyon);
  • Reinforcement of the interdisciplinary project teams, in particular those based on interactions between digital sciences, biology and health, or with all the disciplines involved with the development of urban intelligence, through two areas:
    • modelling in biology and health;
    • distributed and embedded computing.

Ecosystem & Partners


The centre is a founding member of the ComUE (Grenoble Alpes University Community) and an associate member of the University of Lyon. With its 38 research teams, which it operates jointly with major local academic partners in Grenoble and Lyon (Grenoble Alpes University, Grenoble INP, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, and the CNRS),


The centre is a founder member of the ComUE UGA, which operates project teams jointly with UGA, Grenoble INP and the CNRS. It has collaborations with the IRSTEA (an IRSTEA member in one of our teams).

Nos autres partenaires

The centre is a shareholder in a technology transfer accelerator company, SATT Linksium, as well being a member of the IRT Nanoelec consortium. It is also a member of the Minalogic cluster, Tenerrdis cluster, and the GATE1 Association.

Partenaires régionaux

The centre is an associate member of the ComUE UdL, which operates project teams jointly with Lyon ENS, UCBL, INSA Lyon, the CNRS and the INRA.

The other partners

The Inria Grenoble-Rhône Alpes Research Centre is also a partner of several other regional and national bodies.


Practicals informations

Centre Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

CRI Grenoble Rhône Alpes

Adress: Centre de recherche Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Inovallée 655 Avenue de l’Europe - CS 90051 38334 Montbonnot Cedex

Contact: Tel : 04 76 61 52 00 - E-Mail

And also

Teams from the center also located in several branches:

  • Inria Campus Saint Martin d’Hères
    • Equipes : Airsea, Datamove et Polaris
  • Inria MINATEC Grenoble
    • Equipes : Crtl-A, Nano-D et Corse
  • Campus La Doua Villeurbanne
    • Equipes : Erable, Chroma, Maracas, Socrate, Agora, Beagle, Dracula, Privatics
  • Antenne Inria Campus Gerland Lyon
    • Equipes : Avalon, Aric, Cash, Roma, Numed, Dante, Datasphere, Mosaic

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