13 Nov Program Your Ideas

Program Your Ideas is an initiative of Digital Country and Samsung, which seeks to encourage mobile application programming for a beginner audience and has the support of Inria Chile. Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a crucial role to boost structural change in the Chilean economy. For this reason, Inria Chile has joined the Project; as an R&D center specializing in computer science, Inria’s mission is to transfer knowledge and technology to industry and society at large.

Following the first major milestone of the Summer camp, Inria Chile proposed to move forward with “Program Your Ideas @Inria Chile”, which is a workshop for students who participated in the first Program Your Ideas workshop. The aim of the Summer Camp was to give participants an introduction to computational thinking and the basis for developing mobile applications on Android. At the end of the workshop, every youth was able to develop a basic application and understand the fundamental concepts of programming mobile applications.

In July, Inria Chile took in students for the App Inventor programming workshops.

This time students continued to learn and deepen their knowledge in the App Inventor tool for developing mobile applications on Android. They also learned and discussed with INRIA Chile engineers about computers and the Internet, and other forms of programming Android applications. The initiative consisted of two workshops of 25 hours, distributed in 5 sessions. The workshop was designed to encourage the active participation of young people 15 to 18 years old and the interaction between them.

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