10 Nov E-Voting – Public consultation in the borough of La Reina

Last September, the residents of the borough of La Reina were the protagonists of a public consultation process within the framework of an amendment of the new district master plan.

E-voting was part of the initiative through an integral electronic voting service that included:

Enabling of the electronic voting platform www.LaReinaVota.cl domain.

Face-to-face voting booths within the borough, both with assisted electronic booths and paper ballot booths integrated with the online voting platform for residents who do not usually use the Internet.

– Support throughout the voting process via telephone technical support for voters.

– Outreach through social networks as well as schools in the district to promote voting among young people.

All these elements contributed to the success of this voting intiative, which had a high level of participation (5468 voters). (Video with testimonies and screenshots of tweets).

It is worth mentioning that in 2013, the municipality of La Reina had relied on the E-Voting electronic voting system to carry out a public consultation on the Community Development Plan. The experience of 2015 reflected very positively on the progress of the platform, both in technical terms and in the quality of service delivered by the company today.

After organizing a voting process last November 6 for the National Association of Resident Doctors, E-Voting is currently working on their upcoming campaigns: the awards for the Chilean Actors Corporation (Chileactores) in January 2016, the elections at the LAN Drivers’ Union and at the Supervisors Union of Minera Los Pelambres.

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