11 Nov Chile-France Cooperation

Platform for higher education, research and innovation

With over 1000 projects for annual mobility of students and academics, university and scientific cooperation between Chile and France is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the Chilean-French relationship.

The presence of large academic and scientific institutions enables quality bilateral cooperation that leaves its mark and makes France the 3rd host country for Chilean students.

In order to assert the visibility of the various links between the two countries, a platform was created to visualize and explore information related to projects for cooperation in higher education, research and innovation.

The platform project was borne from a partnership between the French Institute and INRIA Chile. Its main objective is to highlight the academic and scientific projects developed between Chile and France.

This platform enables scientists, students and institutions to display statistical and comparative information on French and Chilean establishments in a single place. For example, finding devices to support mobility, research and innovation; view the map of actors and programs of scientific and university cooperation; and access projects based on Franco-Chilean collaboration.

The primary need of the French Institute has been to gather all the information obtained for many years with respect to cooperation, in order to manage and view it in a simple and efficient way.

Inria Chile engineers have used a methodology for the development of this project consisting of user-centered design. That is, end user involvement from the beginning, designed together with the graphical user interface. Therefore, participatory design activities were conducted with staff of the French Institute, as well as with students and academics.

Currently Inria Chile and the French Institute are adding a comparative and statistical cooperation tool to the platform, which will allow to view and compare the evolution of projects in various establishments.

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