10 Nov Astroengineering Workshop

By 2020, Chile will account for more than 70% of the world astronomical infrastructure, so there is great potential for the development of astroengineering in this country.

Inria Chile will participate in the III Astroengineering Workshop that will take place in Santiago between Tuesday, November 24 and Thursday, November 26.

Emmanuel Pietriga, Director of ILDA Equipment (Interacting with Large Data) of the INRIA Saclay Research Center – Île-de-France, will talk about the progress of human interfaces.

This workshop aims to open a space to discuss issues such as the challenges and opportunities currently faced by major observatories from the perspective of software engineering, electric and electronic, applied to instrumentation. Opportunities for innovation and technology transfer to other areas of the industry will also be discussed.

For more information: http://tallerastroingenieria.org/

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